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            The internet chatter about the meaning of LOST and its finale continues on blogs and message boards.  There are still many theories floating around about to interpret it all, as well as questions people still want answered.  The good … Continue reading

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My Take On LOST

            I’ve read a lot of people are disappointed with the finale of Lost.  It seems some were expecting either more of a sci-fi explanation of all that happened, or something tied to some mythology, or an explanation of many … Continue reading

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More School

I have not been a big fan of Education Secretary Arne Duncan since the fiasco with the President’s school address.  Encouraging schools to let kids watch the President’s address during the school day is one thing, but as for that … Continue reading

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Why You Need HR

This is part two of my rant against the unfair assumptions against us HR folks.  Here why you really need us:  Case 1: I was out of my home office at another site for three days. When I returned, I … Continue reading

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There’s No Crying in Job Hunting

I realize that being unemployed can be a difficult, discouraging, scary and for some, even humiliating time.  This is why unemployed people need support and understanding.  I see that groups are showing up on LinkedIn for this purpose, including Star … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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