The internet chatter about the meaning of LOST and its finale continues on blogs and message boards.  There are still many theories floating around about to interpret it all, as well as questions people still want answered.  The good news is that there is still a lot to talk about, and will be for some time, to keep fans’ appetite fed.  So here are some more possible answers to the questions of LOST.

What about the numbers?

            There is theory on the internet that the numbers are part of an equation

to determine when the world will come to an end.  There is nothing in the episodes that confirms this, so it remains a theory.  We know the Dharma Initiative inscribed the numbers on the hatch, and I assume they chose those particular numbers.  At any rate, the numbers did take on a life of their own.  They brought Rousseau’s team to the Island, and indirectly brought Hurley to the Island, as he went to Australia to investigate the origin of the numbers, and tried to go home on Oceanic 815.

            We also know that there were numbers on a wheel in Jacob’s lighthouse, and each number had a name.  Jack Shepherd was next to number 23 (for 23 degrees, I presume), the same number assigned to him on the wall of the cave and one of the six numbers on the hatch.  Not all of the candidates had one of the six numbers.  Kate was a candidate at the end, but her number was 51, I believe.  Meanwhile, Locke had number 4, but was killed off long before The End.

            Is it a coincidence that the six numbers on the hatch corresponded to some of the final candidates?  Is it coincidence that the numbers made appearances throughout the series?  Flight 8-15, Desmond having order number 42 in the chicken restaurant, the Others having a room 23, etc.  Maybe it’s what Jung called synchronicity, a correspondence between an inner thought (Jacob’s mental designation of numbers to the candidates) and an external event.  Maybe the point of the numbers was to show how connected we are all to a greater cosmos, like a collective unconscious.  In fact, we learned in the finale that the souls of these characters were linked in some kind of karmic destiny.  They all needed each other and were destined to find each other.  In many of the flashbacks, the characters crossed paths with each other.

Why wasn’t Walt in the Church?

            I still believe that Walt was not in the church because he found his own destiny off the Island.  His story diverged from that of the other characters, and we he would “move on” in his own time.  On the Facebook fan page for LOST, there is one theory I read that Walt was later summoned by Hurley to return to the Island and be his replacement as protector, which is why he wasn’t with our final group.  I rather like that idea.

How did Widmore come to the Island and become an Other?

            I don’t think everyone who came to the Island was summoned by Jacob, all though the Black Rock and Oceanic 815 certainly were. I doubt that Jacob “invited” anyone to come to the Island to plant a hydrogen bomb there.  But someone did come across the Island and did plant a hydrogen bomb there, and Widmore and Hawking were part of the military group sent there to monitor Jughead.  I think that’s how they got there and they were recruited by Jacob via Richard to join his cause and become the 1950’s version of “Others”.

What’s with taking all the children?

            An impressionable young mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially if you are in the business of recruiting.  Jacob, as we know, was all about recruiting, as was his smokey brother.  Jacob had to bargain hard to get Dogen to come to the Island and become his temple master (putting the life of his son at stake).  Ben had to bargain hard to get Juliet to come to the Island and agree to stay (putting the life of her sister at stake).  Kids, however, are a lot easier to indoctrinate, unless you have a kid like Walt, who could probably resist whatever mind games the Others were using. Remember Ben’s comment, “ We got more than we bargained for”, when Walt was allowed to leave the Island with his father.  Walt was too “special” to be recruited, so he was of no use to Others, except as a pawn to manipulate his father into their service. 

            On a side note, I think that Mr. Eko was too special in his own way to be recruited by the Smoke Monster, which is why the Smoke Monster killed him.

What did “The Incident” do?

            I think the explosion served to bring the candidates back together.  When the O6 boarded Ajira 316, Eloise said the results would be “unpredictable”.  As that plane flashed over the Island, the candidates (Kate, Jack, Sayid, Hurley) were transported to 1977, where they were reunited with Jin and Sawyer, the other two remaining candidates.  Sun and the rest of the passengers landed in the present.  If Sun was originally a candidate, she would have lost that status when she became a mother (as Jacob said Kate had), but Jin was still a candidate.  The explosion brought the whole group to the present, where they needed to be for the final battle between Jacob and his brother.  Miles, Rose and Bernard travelled through time with them.

            Those are some of my after-thoughts on the meaning behind the mysteries of LOST, but I still enjoy reading other theories.  Let me know your thoughts!


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